Animal Surrender/
Rehoming Your Pet

Happy Tails receives many requests from community members who must surrender their beloved pets. While we wish we could take them all in, we often run out of room at our Adoption Center and in foster homes and are unable to accept new animals. If you would like to check if we have room, please email

In coordination with the Sacramento SPCA, the ASPCA and the Front Street Animal Shelter, a website entitled Keep Your Pet | Helping pets and their people stay together was developed to provide options and remedies to some of the common issues prompting an owner to consider surrendering their pet.

Image of a green-eyed cat

Tips for Rehoming your Pet

This website also provides "Tips for Rehoming your Pet" which include access to an online rehoming tool and the following suggestions:

1) Check Breed Rescue Groups

There are rescue groups for most breeds of dogs and cats.  Here is a link to some local rescue groups:

2) Post on Social Media

The power of social media is endless. Posting a notice on NextDoor ( or the NextDoor app) is increasingly becoming a good local resource to either re-home a pet or find a lost pet.  In addition, a friend of a friend on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram may not be able to pass up the adorable picture of your pet. You never know who may be looking for that perfect pet.

3) Advertise on Adoption Websites

There are several no cost online adoption websites available to help place your pet into another loving home.  Here are a few of the websites:

4) Advertise in the Paper

You can place an ad in local papers but remember to charge an adoption/rehoming fee of at least $50. Please do not put "free to good home" – anyone who wants to adopt your pet must have the financial resources to care for him/her long-term and be willing to pay something for a new family member.  Some additional tips regarding advertising can be found at Rehome My Dog, Cat or Other Pet | Best Friends Animal Society

If all attempts to find a home for your pet are unsuccessful, Sacramento SPCA will accept owner surrenders through a Managed Admission process.  More information on their program is available at   Managed Admission - Sacramento SPCA (