Bonded kittens overcome the odds

Two kittens, only a few weeks old, were found outside. The eyes of the kitten named Bright were swollen, protruding and infected. We don't know if the kitten was born with the condition or if the eyes were injured. Happy Tails sponsored eye removal surgery for Bright and vet care for both him and his sibling, Merry. Kitten Central, which helps us with our mother cats and small bottle babies, assisted us in getting this done. Kitten Central also took care of the babies while Bright recovered. We then took them to one of our foster families. The Crawfords discovered that Bright easily gets around without his eyes! He can use the litter box, climb cat trees and play with his favorite sparkle balls. Merry and Bright are a bonded pair - not so much because Bright can't see, but because Merry needs him for comfort! They are looking for a home that allows them to stay together, especially after all they have been through.